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WCC Rules

Reminder 2024: NO pets are allowed to accompany anglers (N13). Boats are to be a minimum of 2.30 meters and no more than 5 meters (I01). The event runs in conjunction with all local rules see section N.
Updated rules will be available by early summer 2024. No major changes are expected at this time.

All fishing must be carried out in a respectful manner in line with the spirit and tradition of an international event. Any activities deemed to be in violation of competition rules or carried out in a disruptive/disrespectful manner may lead to disqualification and banning from the competition at the discretion of the organisers.*

  • The competition is open to competitors from the age of 14, if accompanied by a guardian – No one under the age of 18 is allowed to use boats at any time during the competition.
  • Entry can be either as a pair (2 anglers) or a trio (3 anglers) with a total number of 6 rods.
  • The use of boats is strongly recommended.
  • The organisers (Angling Spirit Ltd) will have absolute control and discretion over the competition, rules and T&Cs.
  • The organisers reserve the right to modify all or any part of the rules and T&Cs at any time.
  • World Carp Classic rules abide by and include all relevant local rules, and have been reviewed and authorised by appropriate local authorities.
  • All competitors and helpers must provide the organisers with all relevant and required documents, insurance documents and fishing permit documents as part of a condition to their entry into the event.
  • All competitors and Helpers will be required to sign a registration form to include an event disclaimer to confirm acceptance of the full and final event rules, terms & conditions.
  • Competition rules also include the T&Cs.
  • All offenses will be reported to the organisers and dealt with in accordance with their seriousness and may lead to disqualification.
  • Organisers have the right to use images of competitors and helpers at their discretion on any support material they deem appropriate at the time of the event and in the future.
  • The official itinerary is published on the event website. All times given refer to local time.
  • English is the Official Language of the World Carp Classic.
  • The official currency of the World Carp Classic is the Pound Sterling (£ GBP).
  • WCC rules/T&Cs are the property of World Carp Classic and cannot be used or copied even partially, without prior written consent from the organisers.


A01- All members of a pair/trio (including helper) must register together at one of the designated times (see official event itinerary on website) and provide the organisers with all required documents (read carefully through the registration process in your competitors’ pack – Incomplete documentation will mean you will forfeit your turn during registration).
A02- Once all documents are in order including any outstanding payment balance paid, party members will be provided with a colour coded identity bracelet which must be worn throughout the competition, including the prize giving.
A03- As part of the registration process, a draw will take place. This number will decide in which order the pair/trio will be invited onto the stage to proceed with the actual peg draw.
A04- Anyone not registering within the official registration times could be excluded from the competition and their entry fee will be forfeited, unless prior notice is given in advance or the competitors have a valid reason for being late and organisers are made aware by email at moc.c1721759185issal1721759185cprac1721759185dlrow1721759185@nimd1721759185a1721759185. The organisers reserve the right to make a decision on this matter and this will be final.
A05- If a pair/trio cannot arrive before the end of the official draw, their entry is at the entire discretion of the organisers.


B01- The official group picture will take place at the end of the flag parade.
B02- All competitors (including helpers) are required to be present with their national flag.
B03- Following the official picture, the peg draw will take place. Only then will competitors know where they will fish. Competitors will be forbidden from accessing their peg before the official start of set up. 
B04- World Carp Classic peg draw format is a straight draw. Tickets drawn will state the relevant section and peg number.


C01- ALL BOATS must pass boat check.
C02- After being checked (and only if all has been approved) competitors will receive a boat pass which will be securely attached by the marshal to the boat.
C03- NO baiting up, feature finding or any other boating activities or lines in the water may take place until the rocket has signalled the start of the competition. This also includes use of bait boats.
During setup time (when competitors are moving to their swims and setting up) the use of boats is only permitted for moving personnel and equipment to their swims).


The prize table will be allocated based on:
D01- At the organisers’ discretion, pro-rata could be applied if the maximum of 106 entries is not reached.
D02- Participants can only win one prize in the competition – In the event of a pair/trio winning more than one category, they can only claim the prize with the greatest value. This stipulation does not include the team event prizes, biggest fish overall, event record or side competitions.
D03- The competition placing will be determined by the cumulative weight of the 3 biggest carp caught per pair/trio, with the pair/trio having the combined greatest weight being declared the winners.
D04- If the total weight is tied, the pair/trio catching the biggest fish on countback of the three scoring fish will be declared the winner – if there is still a tie, the time of the first officially recorded of the three fish that count irrespective of its weight will be declared the winner. Ultimately if there is still a tie, the time of the three fish on a countback basis will be applied.
D05- Prizes will only be given to competitors present at prize-giving – If competitors are not present to receive their prizes, then they will be drawn for. Cash prizes will not be awarded.
D06- In the event of a blank section there will be a draw for prizes, though cash prizes will not be awarded.
D07- In the unlikely event that no fish are caught during the competition only section prizes will be drawn for. Any cash prizes will not be awarded.


E01- Only competitors, marshals and registered helpers are allowed to bivvy up on the banks. Visitors are only allowed on pegs between 10:00 am and 18:00 pm.
E02- Each pair/trio must set up their rods and accommodation no further than three meters from the peg marker (if not possible then to the nearest possible) – Competitors must not cast outside the limits of their swim. Such limits are to be marked by an imaginary line marking the middle distance between their and the neighbours peg marker. Any disputes as to the competitors fishing outside this area must be reported immediately to the marshals. Marshals have the discretion to request that competitors reposition their rods as and when directed. In very few areas, due to marginal reeds, competitors may be limited to fish straight out toward the lake from the peg marker. In that event, the setting up of rods in the water cannot be any deeper than waist deep.
E03- Competitors must cast/place and bait their own rods. Competitors must play, land and unhook their own fish. No assistance from any other person (excluding fishing partner(s)) whatsoever is allowed (see helper rules). Immediate disqualification could result if assistance is obtained.
E04- It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that all fish caught are reported as soon as possible to the marshals in their section.
E05- Competitors are required to possess their own carp sacks as, in the event of a multiple capture, sacks will be required to hold fish until weighing. Sacks will not be provided by the organisers.
E06- The organisers retain the right to search all competitors’ tackle or vehicles to combat any form of cheating or rule breaking. Anglers found cheating will be reported to the organisers and banned for life from the competition. Refusal of searching may also warrant similar punishment.
E07- Any pair/trio with more than six baited rods in the water at any one time will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
E08- Entering the water is only permitted to thigh depth to allow casting and the landing of fish. Penalties will be issued for anyone who wades deeper than lower waist.
E09- Competitors must comply with requests from official WCC film crews & photographers at all times regarding media coverage, except if they are in the process of landing a fish. Members of the media who are competing will not be awarded media access to other competitors.
E10- If both competitors in a pair wish to leave their swim for any reason whatsoever their rods must be reeled in and their baited hooks removed from the water. A 3rd Angler in a trio may remain to look after the rods but is forbidden to go afloat.  A helper IS NEVER allowed to look after the rods.
E11- Permanent markers can be dropped by boat and left in the fishing sector during the match but must be removed at the end of the competition. A permanent marker will have a radius of 50 meters around it that another competing team cannot encroach. Where the permanent marker is closer than 50 meters to the swim boundaries, the boundary will be the limit of the allocated water within the competitors swim.
E12- No more than SIX(6) permanent markers can be used at any one time within the swim.
E13- Low light-emitting light sources can be used on any permanent marker, but where discretion falls over lake illumination from a permanent marker, the head marshals’ decision will be final.
E14- The placing of baited rigs and the baiting of swims must not exceed the maximum distance of 350 meters from the participants peg identified by the official marker buoy. In the event there is a swim opposite, anglers can fish to the maximum of the centre point as marked by the buoys and NOT 350m.
E15- Anyone found to be encroaching upon other waters could be penalised. Any boundary differences must be finalised before the match begins. The Head Marshal’s decision will be final on all boundary disputes. Where a suitable outcome has not been found the head marshal will divide the pegs equally with an imaginary line marked between the competitors swims.


F01- The official start of the competition will be signalled by the firing of a rocket & sounding of horns on Monday (see itinerary on website)
F02- Only Leather, Common, Mirror Carp, Linear (CYPRINUS CARPIO) will count in the competition fish of 4 kg and over.
F03- Each line may only have one single hook attached.
F04- Any baiting methods including bait boats are allowed.
F05- No live baiting is permitted.
F06- For conservation purposes only barbless or micro-barb hooks are to be used. At all times an un-hooking mat must be used (not provided by WCC).
F07- Each pair/trio is allowed to use six rods with baited hooks in the water at any one time and two further rods in reserve may be set up ready for use, so long as it is broken down.
F08- Plumbing and spodding rods are allowed in addition to the baited rods but only for plumbing & spodding.
F09- Hooked fish should be landed without interfering with other competitor’s lines. If lines become tangled a formal complaint should be made immediately. The judges will make a decision as to whether to allow that fish to count in the final results.
F10- If possible fish must be landed within the defined area of the competitor’s swim. Any transgression of this rule will be considered on its merits.
F11- Fish not hooked by the mouth will be disqualified.

F12- Any fish hooked before the final rocket sounds must be landed within 20 minutes of the end of the competition or it will be excluded from the final results.
F13- The firing of a rocket on Saturday (check website itinerary) will signify the end of the competition.


Important rule notice: After having their first three fish being recorded by an event marshal, competitors are now allowed to weigh new catches on their own equipment. If they feel the fish is of a greater weight than the three recorded fish, they then need to make contact with event marshals and proceed with normal catch record procedure to ensure the fish is officially recorded.

G01- Fish are to be weighed by officials and returned immediately at all times unless otherwise instructed by competition HQ.
G02- Each fish must be witnessed by at least two marshals or by one marshal and one competitor other than the captor or a member of his party.
G03- If a marshal is not immediately available to record a fish, carp MUST be retained in a carp sack until such a time as a marshal becomes available. Only once the marshal has been notified that a fish is awaiting to be recorded can the angler replace the rod to the water. Only one carp should be placed in each sack.
G04- Recorded fish are to be weighed exclusively with official equipment held by the marshals or it will be excluded from the results.
G05- Competitors are to ensure officials are at all time notified immediately. Carp are to be kept individually in carp sacks until weighed by officials. Carp sacks are not supplied by organisers. It is recommended that each pair/trio has a minimum of 4 carp sacks.
G06- The marshal’s official log sheet is the official document by which the competition is being run. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that all details are correctly entered and that the 2 official pictures have been correctly taken before signing the official record sheet.
Details to be filled include:
. Name of the participant who caught the fish.
. Peg number & section.
. Time of the catch being weighed.
. Weight of the catch in kg.
. Type of Carp.
G07- Competitors are to check for the following in the official pictures being taken by marshals – we strongly advise competitors to do the same for their own record:
* Picture of the official catch board on its own.
* Picture of competitor holding the fish showing its left flank along with Official Catch Board with Peg Board in sight (fish head in competitor right hand).
G08- As part of the procedure, several other photographs may have to be taken for marketing purposes. Please allow official WCC media crew to carry out their requirements without hindrance. Competitors, helpers and others are only then welcome to take their own photos.
G09- Fish welfare is paramount therefore fish must be returned safely to water at marshal’s decision despite any media requirements. Fish are to be released and swim off in presence of marshals.
G10- Only once the official marshal’s record sheet has been duly signed by all parties can the marshal SMS the official picture and key in the catch details in the official WCC Live Leaderboard App.
G11- Fish will only be fully validated upon return of the marshal’s official record log sheet to event result desk.


H01- One helper is allowed per pair/trio identifiable by their colour coded bracelets.
H02- Any helper must register with his/her pair/trio within the designated registration times – pay the required fee to allow him/her to bivvy on the bank and have a personal Public Liability.
H03- A pair/trio will face disqualification if their helper is found helping with the fishing in any way, including landing a fish, baiting (including the making of boilies), setting up rods, using bait boats, looking after rods in absence of competitors, being on the bank as look out while competiting anglers are on the boat (see J05), etc…
H04- A helper cannot officially witness a catch for any pair.
H05- A helper is usually identified as a media person, a translator, a spouse or an under-age person.
H06- The helper is solely allowed to bivvy with and run errands for the pair/trio. Helpers are not allowed to help in any way with the fishing (See: H03) or with the steering of the boat.
H08- The helper is NEVER allowed on a boat other than ones managed by World Carp Classic officials during the hours of the competition.
H09- Once identified by a coloured bracelet at registration, a helper can at no stage be promoted to competitor status.


I01- All boats used during the competition must conform to local waters and World Carp Classic requirements, which in the broad outline are as follows:
Boat type: boat must be fit for the practice of fishing – be a minimum of 2.3 meters but no more than 5 meters – inflatables allowed but must have a minimum of two chambers (no single chamber allowed).
Propulsion: ONLY electric – maximum speed: 15 km/hour.


Failure to comply with the following will result in the use of the boat being denied.
I02- Each boat is to be fitted with:
. 2 oars and rowlocks.
. A minimum of two life-jackets fully equipped with whistle and luminous stick securely attached.
. A bailer properly secured to the boat.
. An appropriate anchor/weight properly secured to the boat secured to a minimum 24 meters of rope (this takes in account the 1/3 rule).
. A towing rope (can be the same one as the anchor) and a fixed towing ring.
. A fog horn securely fitted to the boat.
I03- Each life-jacket is to be CE certified and conform to European standard EN395 and to be fitted with a whistle and a luminous stick properly secured to the life-jacket.
I04- No swimming at any time is allowed by competitors and/or helpers.
I05- Life-jackets must be worn and securely fastened at all time while on-board.


Failure to comply with the following will result with an immediate penalty which could lead to disqualification at the head marshal’s discretion.

I06- Each boat, the life-jackets and equipment will be checked prior to the start of the competition by marshals/local authorities. If the boat, life-jackets and equipment does not comply with above requirements, competitors will be able to fish the competition, but will not be able to use their boat until it complies with all required safety measures.
I07- During registration, competitors will have to produce appropriate Public Liability insurance for each person bivvying on the bank and sign a disclaimer including their acceptance to the rules and T&Cs and to abide by them. Failure to comply will result in refusal to use a boat on venue. Boat insurance is not compulsory but strongly advisable.
I08- No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to use boats at any time during the time of the competition.
I09- Spot checks of boats and life jackets will be conducted by marshals throughout the competition. Local authorities may also conduct their own checks. If a boat is found to be non-compliant by local authorities, it is at their sole discretion to impose local laws, which could include a fine or confiscation of unsuitable boats. Pairs/trios not following boat safety measures will face instant penalty. Repeat offences may lead to disqualification.
I10- The head marshal may disqualify a boat from use if the boat or anglers are deemed unfit to go afloat.
I11- During rough weather, the head marshal may issue an order to forbid boats from leaving the shore and the order will be valid for the whole lake.
I12- Competitors are welcome to contact officials via the HQ phone number, marked on the waterproof emergency card.

The use of boats in all circumstances throughout the entire duration of the competition is entirely at the competitors’ own risk and responsibility. World Carp Classic are not liable for any accidents/damage resulting from use of boats by competitors.


None compliance with the following will result in an immediate penalty but could also lead to disqualification and a possible ban from ever entering the event again depending on the seriousness of the offence.


J01- No one under the age of 18 is allowed at any time to use boats.
J02- Only one angler alone in a pair, or two anglers in a trio is/are allowed to be on-board at any time. A helper can NEVER be on a boat at any time during the hours of the competition.

J03- Trio entry are now authorised to have two boats on the water at any time but only with one angler in each boat if afloat at the same time.
J04- Use of boat is entirely at the competitor’s discretion and competitor/s will bear sole responsibility and local authorities to be called in case of emergencies (phone numbers on waterproof security card).
J05- No angler can go afloat without first ensuring that their fishing partner(s) is awake and present at the swim ready to raise alarm – and wearing a properly fastened life jacket. This cannot be undertaken by a HELPER as he is not considered a competing member.
J06- When not in use, all boats must be removed from the water or securely moored. Any boat found to be adrift without occupancy will result in the pair/trio facing a penalty.
J07- It is strictly forbidden to sleep in the boat, be it afloat or moored at the peg.

J08 – A pair/trio can register up to two boats into the competition. Each boat must pass boat check at the same time.
In pairs entry: both boats can be used for the setup on Monday and clearing of their swim on Saturday. During the hours of the competition, only one boat is allowed and identified by its green boat tag. Only a marshal is allowed to swap tags during the competition and only after re conducting a full boat check. HQ to be notified immediately.

In trios: two boats can be marked with a green boat tag. See rule J03 for use.

J09- All kinds of waders are strictly forbidden when afloat – only boots are allowedFastened life-jackets are to be worn if wading to land a fish and before getting on-board.

J10- Suitable sized unhooking mat must be within the boat when landing fish from afloat.


J11- For the duration of the event, the night-time period will be between Sunset and Sunrise (07:45 -18:45).


K01- Anyone on board/in water is to immediately break the luminous stick on the life-jacket, and use the whistle to alert partner(s) on-shore in the case of a problem.
K02- Partner(s) on-shore must immediately advise, in this order:
• Local authorities (emergency phone numbers provided on the “Emergency Card” now printed along with the Important Reminders handed during registration.
• Neighbouring swims.
• HQ if marshal(s) not already on-site (dedicated distress phone number written on Emergency Card).


L01- Bait boats are classed as additional fishing equipment so can only be used by the anglers. Helper or any other form of assistance, may not at any time use or touch bait boats during the competition.
L02- Bait boats can be used up to a maximum of 350 meters.
L03- Bait boats will operate within the same 50-meter rule for boats around another pair’s permanent marker (within mutually fishable water).
L04- Electronic echo sounders may be used from a boat or bait boat.
L05- Permanent markers can be dropped from a bait boat only if they are of the retrievable kind with a bait boat. Where permanent markers are dropped by a bait boat, they must be made up using a breakaway lead/weight design so that if they become snagged they can easily breakaway – (i.e. light line connection to the lead).
L06- Hook baits and baiting up can be applied with a bait boat.
L07- If a disagreement arises between anglers upon the use of bait boats a final decision will be taken by head marshall and shall not be open for debate.
L08- Bait boats may operate at all times during the competition.


M01- Any offence committed during the competition (including during registration weekend) regarding the state of the swim at the end of event will carry a penalty sanction accompanied or not by a yellow card.
M02- Marshals are allowed to issue yellow cards, however: penalties, confirmation of red card, disqualification and bans can only be issued by the head marshal and at his sole discretion. The head marshal has the possibility to issue a penalty in lieu of confirming the second yellow card.

M03- Penalties can be: a strict fishing ban up to 24 hours or ban from use of boat up to 24 hours.
M04- A second yellow card confirmed by the head marshal automatically confirms red card status and immediate disqualification from the event. Competitors are then asked to leave the competition site immediately.
M05- Depending on the seriousness of offences that have led to a red card & disqualification, the head marshal (at his sole discretion) can add a ban ranging from 1 to 3 years but if necessary can be extended to a life-ban.
M06- Non-compliance with COVID-19 rules and regulations will be subject to immediate disqualification from registration to prizegiving.
M07- All penalties and cards to be published online and explained.


N01- World Carp Classic has been granted for the duration of the event on the extended bank space normally not open to carp fishing. Should you fish the venue before or after the event, ensure that you are doing so within the authorised sections.
N02- Camping on all pegs has been granted access for the event on the basis that competitors do not litter or damage the environment. All litter must be picked up by the competitors and returned to the agreed pick-up points at the end of the competition.
N03- Organisers have endeavored their best to ensure parking as near as possible to the pegs. Competitors should respect official competition parking signs and park where assigned.
N04- ​During on-site registration, competitors are to present their fishing permits for the waters being used by the competition. In the event, a competitor does not have the required documents he will be invited to make the necessary arrangements.
N05- The venue emphasises that it has a NO KILL policy at all times. Furthermore, it is prohibited to mutilate, transport, or sell any catch. We view the issue very seriously. In addition to a life ban, organisers will notify local authorities who will be free to prosecute the offender.
N06- Friends of Lac de Madine – Keep the lake clean.
. Limit glass bottles by the banks and dispose of them appropriately.
. At the end of the event, it is the competitors’ responsibility to bring ALL of their rubbish to the collection point.
. Each swim will be photographed by marshals at the end of the event. Please ensure that it is left in pristine condition or you will be held accountable if not.
. If competitors leave rubbish behind in their swim local authorities will issue a fine – WCC sanction will also apply as follow: anglers are to be named and shamed on the event website and social media pages, in addition, they will be banned from competing for a minimum 3-years.
N07- The road around the lake must be kept clear at all times. Strictly no parking or bivvy on road. Assigned parking MUST be used.
N08- It is strictly forbidden to move/remove rocks from the dam wall.
N09- It is strictly forbidden to use the bird sanctuary as a shelter.
N10- Speed on-site is 10 km – priority to be given to on-foot visitors – It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN for cars to drive over the dam wall.
N11- The use of drones is strictly forbidden at all times during the event (from registration weekend until the end of the prize-giving ceremony. Only WCC official media-accredited drone operators are authorised.
N12- World Carp Classic is also run abiding by local rules. It is the responsibility of all anglers to read, understand and abide by those:
* Nature quiet zones: these must be respected at all times. Water police to conduct spot checks including with the use of drones and they have the right to fine and confiscate gear.

* Bait daily usage: anglers are to comply with the local authority’s requests for daily bait usage. No compliance will result in penalties including up to exclusion from the competition as the event is now granted the right to operate only if the information is being provided as honestly as possible.
N13- No pets are allowed to accompany participants on the banks.