WCC Champion of Champions

The World Carp Classic Champion of Champions event is a prestigious and exclusive fishing competition that brings together a select group of elite anglers who have previously achieved victory in the World Carp Classic tournament. Unlike the main World Carp Classic tournament, which is open to all fishing enthusiasts, the Champion of Champions event is a gathering of past champions, creating a unique and highly competitive environment.

The concept behind the Champion of Champions event is to showcase and celebrate the exceptional skill, experience, and dedication of anglers who have demonstrated their expertise by winning the World Carp Classic in previous editions. By inviting only previous champions, the event raises the level of competition to new heights, as participants are already proven masters of the sport.

Participating in the Champion of Champions event is a coveted honor for past winners of the World Carp Classic. It allows them to compete against fellow champions, exchange knowledge and insights, and further push the boundaries of their fishing abilities. Additionally, it serves as a platform for these accomplished anglers to share their experiences, inspire the next generation of carp anglers, and contribute to the continued growth and development of the sport.

Only Thomas Muller and Karel Nikel have so far won the Champion of Champions title twice – Who will be our next one in this special anniversary year?

600x400 WCC23 Champ of champ

2023 - Lac de Madine France

Thomas Duncan-Dunlop - 59.4KG swim#85 Shimano Tribal
600x400 WCC22 Champ of champs

2022 - Lac de Madine France

Karel Nikl - 33.5 KG swim#71
Czech Republic
600x400 WCC21 Champ of Champs

2021 - Lac de Madine France

Hans Sissingh - 45.1 KG swim#20

2020 - Lac de Madine France

Rob Tough - 39.1 KG swim#20
600x400 WCC19 champion of champions

2019 - Lac de Madine France

Jan Dadak - 24 KG swim#65
Czech Republic
600x400 WCC18 champ of champs

2018 - Lac de Madine France - 20th Anniversary event

Thomas Muller - 39.6 KG swim#84
600x400 WCC17 Champs of champ

2017 - Lac de Madine France

Karel Nikl 66.1 KG swim#84
Czech Republic
600x400 WCC16 champ of champs

2016 - Lake Novomlynska Czech Republic

Thomas Muller - 42.2 KG swim# 31
1200x800 Past champions getting their trophy