WCC New This Year

We strive each year to better the event and we listen to your comments. Given the many seals of approval already received we believe that you too will welcome the following changes:

NEW 2020

An increased number of rods that can now be used to a maximum of 6 per peg.

An increased distance (where open water allows) of up to 350 meters is now permitted.

2 boats are now allowed on the water for trio entries at the same time, provided there is an awake angler on the shore at all times.

Anglers will now need to get their own fishing permits to participate in the competition. A link with full explanation and details will be provided. See point 4 below.

World Carp Classic rules imply that the event must be played out by all respecting the spirit and tradition of an international event. Therefore strictly NO baiting up, feature finding or any other boating activities or lines in the water may take place until the rocket has signalled the start of the competition.
There will be no tolerance – sanction will be immediate disqualification and anglers will be asked to leave the venue immediately + a name and shame on the website and social media.

In order to be allowed to run a safe event for all, we have had to introduce several measures which are now commonly in place all over the world. Anglers found to be non-compliant with the measures will be reported to head marshal who in turns at his sole discretion will be able to issue penalties which may lead to immediate disqualification.

In line with COVID-19 we have added or amended some information in the Event Q&A page – we strongly suggest you read this page as well as the participants’ information pack. 

To celebrate our 22nd anniversary, we want to make sure that the World Carp Classic maintains its status as more than just a fishing competition. We are extremely proud that over the years fellow anglers and followers sharing the same passion have created not just a community but a family around the event. As in all families, you should look after one another. Therefore, we want to ensure that World Carp Classic is also there to look after the future for the new generations to come and enjoy the passion of angling.
Several fundraising activities will be taking place during the event which will go towards the:

WCC Junior Academy: Any young anglers visiting Madine have the opportunity to borrow fishing gear be it for carp, predator or match fishing.

Friends Of Madine: The environment is for everyone, not just anglers. Let’s show the rest of Madine that we are at the forefront of this notion. We have started “Friends Of” in 2011 in Spain where we picked up over 52 tonnes of rubbish by hand. Our dream here is developing plogging (running or walking whilst picking up rubbish).

Carp Legacy: Let’s stop illegal fish movement in its track. Wherever you are, take a picture on both sides of any 15kg+ fish caught and fill in a few details which will be published on a dedicated website. We are currently working on the app and website but we ask that you start taking these pictures now. You can always post the photographs retrospectively as we will with any World Carp Classic catch from previous years.

1- Minimum weight: 4kg
2- 350 meters limit: For the first time ever Lac de Madine has agreed to a 350-meter allowance. Black Cat buoys will be placed. Any infringement will be sanctioned.
3- ‘Friends Of’ litter penalty:’Friends Of’ and the host venue’s litter rule is now slightly changed following discussion with host venues. At their discretion, a fine will be issued and sent to competitors who will have 28 days from date being sent to pay it or to comply with its community service alternative. If no payment/community service is made to the venue by that time, World Carp Classic will then apply a name & shame ban remaining in place until the fine has been paid or community service has been completed.
4- Fishing Permits: To comply with French Fishing Federation regulation anglers will need to get their own permits. A link with full explanation and details will be provided. This will require participants’ cooperation prior to their arrival to ensure a smooth run during on-site registration.
5- Two-boat rule: 2 boats are now allowed on the water at the same if you have 3 competing anglers in your team.
Both boats must pass the boat check at the same time.
Any boat used must have its own safety equipment as detailed in the rules.
Sanctions: A yellow card and a fishing and/or boat ban will be implemented for a minimum of 12-hours at the discretion of the head marshal for:
– any angler found on the water without their lifejacket properly fastened.
– if an angler is not present on the bank, awake and ready to raise the alarm whilst a boat is out on the water.