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WCC Event Details

For its 26th edition, World Carp Classic remains at its birthplace the magical record-breaking Lac de Madine in France. The event will be taking place from the 23rd to the 28h September 2024

Each year demand for places far exceeds those available and this year will be no exception, especially following the huge success of our 25th anniversary celebration edition.

Priority invites are time-sensitive. Don’t miss your chance, check your spam/junk folders especially if you took part in the 2022 and not in the 2023 event as you are being given special priority.


A WCC VIP list mad-dash is scheduled on the 12th of October 2023 at 19:00 PM to ensure at least the presence of some you who have greatly contributed to the making of the event to be once again with us.

To remain true to our philosophy of being inclusive, we will also have an early November a mad-dash for 2 places for anyone on the information list.

Condition of Entry

• Anglers to be 14 years of age minimum if accompanied by a parent or guardian
• No one under the age of 18 at the start of the event is allowed in boats
• All anglers and helpers to be insured as per event requirements
• All anglers to have a valid fishing permit including extras allowing them to take part in the event
• All competitors and Helpers are required to sign the on-site registration form which includes: a disclaimer, acceptance, and understanding of the full and final event rules & local rules, terms & conditions, and agreement on any sanitary measures.
• Condition of entry also includes compliance with the following event requirements: Shoreline Cleanup and Bait Survey.

Event details in brief

  • 6 rods allowed per swim
  • Wherever possible limit is now 350 meters (distance in-between banks permitting)
  • 2 boats allowed on the water at the same time for trio entries provided remaining 3rd angler is awake and watching on the bank.

Cost of Entry

  • The basic entry fee is £2250 for two or three anglers.

Extras – can be booked and paid for at any time. Extras are only taken into account against payment.

  • Helper £150
  • Sponsor link package £300 – click here for full information
  • Team entry Generic £300 (£150 x 2) or – 2 registered entries can team together to represent a country. Click here for full information
  • Team entry Sponsor £500 (£250 x 2) when 2 registered entries are representing a sponsor/brand.

Below are important registration information to be read before placing your order using our online booking facility

How to Register

  • Only book a place for a given country if the Captain is able to prove nationality or permanent country of residence. No change of role will be allowed during the course of the year between anglers of the same entry.  Entries can’t be passed on to a new Captain without the organiser’s consent.
  • Entry Fees can be paid via credit card or bank transfer. For payments made by bank transfer proof of payment must be emailed to moc.t1719199641irips1719199641gnilg1719199641na@ni1719199641mda1719199641 within 24 hours from registration. Payments in full clear funds have then a maximum of 7 days to reach the account.
  • Places will only be added to the Official web list upon receipt of payment. If proof is sent we will reserve the place on the list though no name will appear until payment has been received.

Allocation of Places


  • Sunday 1st October 21:00 until Tuesday 10th October 23:55 UK Time.
    Priority registration opened to WCC23 Champions, 2023 events agreed postponements, and 2022/2023 lone countries participants.
  • Monday 2nd October 19:00 UK time – country quota system enforced
    15 places – Priority registration opened to 2022 participants NOT present in 2023
    Priority ends Tuesday 3rd October 18:00.
  • Tuesday 3rd October 19:00 UK time – country quota system enforced
    14 places – Priority registration opened to 2023 participants with a Bait Survey level 0
    Priority ends Wednesday 4th October 18:00
  • Wednesday 4th October 19:00 UK time – country quota system enforced
    Release of any places still not allocated from Monday & Tuesday release to any other participants on the WCC23 Bait Survey level 0, 1 & 2
  • Thursday 12th of October 19:00
    Exclusive WCC VIP list mad-dash to ensure some who have greatly contributed to the making of the event are been given an extra chance
  • Monday 30th October – end of lone country priority registration. The remaining places are to be made available regardless of origin.
  • Early November Mad-dash – 2 places
    If you are unsuccessful in securing a place add yourself to the waiting list to be found on the second page of the registration process. Only registered persons on the list will be contacted.
  • Are considered lone countries any not listed below:
    Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Spain.

Sponsor TBA Reserved Places

Several places have also been retained to accommodate sponsors’ representatives. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the World Carp Classic.