WCC Event Details

For its 25th edition, World Carp Classic remains at its birthplace the magical record-breaking Lac de Madine in France. The event will be taking place from the 11th of September to the 16th September 2023

2023 marks a very special milestone in the history of the World Carp Classic
as we will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary from the 11th to the 16th of September 2023

Each year demand for places far exceeds those available and this year will be no exception.

2023 provides us with the opportunity to look back over our amazing achievements over the past 25 years and relive some fantastic memories with those who have helped create them. With this in mind, entries will be by invitation only. Invitational places will be time sensitive and if not accepted will be automatically offered to the next person on the long list that we have.

To remain true to our philosophy of being inclusive, a few places will also be offered through our fist-come-fist mad-dash system. To join the mad-dash information list please add your details on the next page – The system offers all on the list the same chance to register once places are released.

Last but not least, all 2022 participants not able to secure a place in the 2023 event will be given priority entry into the 2024 event.

Condition of Entry

  • Anglers to be 14 years of age minimum if accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • No one under the age of 18 at the start of the event is allowed in boats
  • All anglers and helpers to be insured as per event requirements
  • All anglers to have a valid fishing permit including extras allowing them to take part in the event
  • All competitors and Helpers will be required to sign the on-site registration form which includes a disclaimer to confirm acceptance and understanding of the full and final event rules, terms & conditions and any COVID-19 measures put in place.

Event details in brief

  • 6 rods allowed per swim
  • Wherever possible limit is now 350 meters (distance in-between banks permitting)
  • 2 boats allowed on the water at the same time for trio entries provided remaining 3rd angler is awake and watching on the bank.

Cost of Entry

  • The basic entry fee is £1950 for three anglers.

Extras – can be booked and paid for at any time. Extras are only taken into account against payment.

  • Helper £150
  • Sponsor link package £250 – click here for full information
  • Team entry Generic £300 (£150 x 2) or – 2 registered entries can team together to represent a country. Click here for full information
  • Team entry Sponsor £500 (£250 x 2) when 2 registered entries are representing a sponsor/brand.

Invitational registration rules

  • Champions entries
    In round#1 of invitations, only one place is made available per year meaning they are invited to participate as the original team that won the World Carp Classic. Un-redeemed Champions’ entries will be reallocated in round#2 to other champions who have split from the initial formation. In round#3, all remaining entries if any will be released to anglers on invitational waiting lists.
  • Invitation recipient
    The person receiving the invitation and whose name appears on the invite must be part of the booking. A place cannot be forwarded by anglers in between themselves. Only Angling Spirit can make an invitation to the 25th-anniversary event.
  • Country entries
    Anglers selected to represent a country cannot make any changes at the registration time or during the year.
  • 2 mad-dash – Thursday 15th of December 
    Mad-dash#1 – 7:00 PM UK time – exclusively reserved for WCC2022 participants who will not have secured a place in the 2023 event at the time of the mad-dash.
    Mad-dash#2 – 7:30 PM UK time – this mad-dash is again reserved for WCC2022 participants, not on the 2023 list as well as anyone who would have left their details on this information list.
  • Lone countries – entries available until 1oth December 2022
    2 entries from the following countries: Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Georgia, Japan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Serbia, Slovenia, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE.
    2 entries for any country not listed on this page
  • Confirmation of entry
    To be confirmed basic entry fee must be received in full clear funds within 7 days of booking being made.
  • Access code expiration
    Each invite will state the unique access code expiration date and time. This is being managed automatically by the system as BST UK time. Once a code has expired the entry is lost and the invitation will be passed to another angler on the waiting list.
  • Entry into the 2024 event
    The 2023 event is an invitational event, therefore 2024 priority registration will be given to all 2022 participants who will not have secured a place in the 2023 event.
    The remaining places will then be subject as in the past to country quota.