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Spirit OF Angling environmental operations

We are extremely proud to be in a position where thanks to the events run by Angling Spirit, all participants can help make a difference in their immediate environment and for the benefit of future generations. 

The execution is simple – preferably participants are asked to pick a place dear to their heart by the water (any water) and complete a clean-up during which they take pictures which are then posted onto their social media along with hashtags for the world to see. 

At Angling Spirit, we relay their efforts by linking their posts on the Official Lists for all to see.

Sometimes and for various reasons, a shore cleanup cannot be completed. In this case, anglers have the option to make a 50€ contribution towards future operations. 

100% of these funds are then being used as follows:

By a way of a thank you BBQ to local children involved in a cleanup at the venue which has been used. 

Competitors whose contributions have helped fund the operation will receive in return a link to the social media post made where they will see their name listed as one of the patrons of the event.

Funds will also be used towards the planting of seagrass which produces significantly more oxygen than trees. 

Again the names of competitors will be listed as patrons of the relevant sea grass action undertaken by children enlisted in one of Angling Spirit School of Minnows. 

A dedicated Spirit OF Angling website is currently being developed to convey all of the best practise and respect for the environment initiatives being driven by Angling Spirit.

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