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How to read the Official List

Ref/BioShore cleanupPCaptainShore cleanupPVice-CaptainShore cleanupP3rd AnglerSponsorTeam NameCountrySTATUSDRAW ORDERSection and swin
WCC22-001h PBob Smith[O]PS TBAJD TBPWorld Carp ClassicSpirit OF AnglingEnglandCONFIRMED3567 Big Island
WCC22-002HLogo Cleanup-contributionP[O]Spirit OF AnglingFranceApproved or In Progress
6099 Dark Side

Here’s some information to help you read and understand how we use the Official list.

This important and unique document is the best way we have found to provide participants, and followers with the required information and to ensure also total transparency to meet local authorities’ requests.

We try to report any changes within 24 hours of notification but can take longer.
Columns are toggled throughout the year depending on the requirements at the time.

REF column
Ref followed by "h"Entry has booked and paid for a helper
Ref followed by a "H"Helper has completed his online registration/disclaimer form
Captain/VCaptain/3rd Angler
Participant's name showing Entry booked and paid for
TBA - To Be AnnouncedEntry booked and awaiting information
Initials + TBP - To Be PaidShows we have been provided with the name but still await payment

Name in ORANGE

Shows we have received the online Registration/Disclaimer form and printed a copy for the participant to sign. NB: we update the list about once a day so wait 24 hours before contacting us.
Shore cleanup columns
This image shows that the participant has completed his Shoreline cleanup. Image links to his public post on his choosen social media platform
Logo Cleanup-contributionThis image shows that the participant has made the decision to complete his Shoreline Cleanup by a way of a contribution. All funds collected are allocated towards a thank you gathering for local children doing a litter picking operation in the name of contributing participants.
P columns


We have received participant's fishing licence and that to the best of our knowledge all is OK


Shows we are in contact with local authorities - most common reasons are: angler is unsuccessful in issuing a payment on the website, booked with wrong dates.
Sponsor & Team columns
Linked sponsor nameThis provides a direct link to the brand associated with the entry. Automatic association for all event supporting brand. Others can subscribe to a Sponsor Link package
Team NameThis is to show which two entries are pairing and taking part in the additional "Team event" category.
Country column


Captain's nationality or current residence.
Status columnShowing until end of on-site registration
CONFIRMEDThe basic entry fee has been paid - the entry is therefore Confirmed
ApprovedAn agreed downpayment has been place - place subject to agreed terms
In progressA proof of payment has been initiated - the place is reserved subject to agreed terms
Draw columnOnly visible during Registration week end
NumberShows in which order the entries will be invited to come on stage for the actual swim draw
Section & swim columnCreated during Official Swim draw
Swim number followed by Section nameDisplay where the entry is located during the event