WCC UK Qualifier Rules


  • The competition is open to competitors from the age of 14 if accompanied by a guardian
    All competitors will be required to sign a registration form to confirm acceptance of event rules, terms & conditions and disclaimer.
  • All offences will be reported to the organisers and dealt with in accordance with their seriousness and may lead to disqualification.
  • Organisers may use competitors image at their sole discretion on any support material they deem appropriate at the time of the event and in the future on any support/platform.
  • WCCUK rules to be read and applied in conjuntion with Horseshoe lake rules


A01- Competitors to register as a pair at one of the designated times (see Event Itinerary) and provide the organisers with all required documents.
A02- Once all documents are in order including settlement of any outstanding balance, party members will be provided with a colour coded identity wristband which must be worn throughout the competition including the Prize Giving.
A03- A member of the party will then be invited to draw a number. This number will decide in which order the pair will be invited onto the stage to proceed with the actual peg draw.
A04- Any late registration implies that automatically the pair will be last to draw on stage in order of arrival on-site and making themselves known to an Admin Manager.
A05- If a pair can’t arrive before the end of the official draw, their entry is at the entire discretion of the organisers.
A06- In the event that a pair “misses their call” to come to the draw, the draw will proceed in order, without them. It is the pairs responsibility to follow the draw and come according to their “Draw Order Number”. The “missed call” pair will then be recalled after the draw has been completed and prior to any possible late arrivals/registrations (A04).


B01- The official group picture will take place prior to Peg Draw and all competitors are required to be present.
B02- World Carp Classic UK qualifier peg draw format is a straight draw. Ticket drawn will state Peg Number.


Should be read in conjunction with local rules
C01- Only competitors, marshals, and officials are allowed to bivvy up on the banks.
C02- Each pair must set up their rods and accommodation no further than three meters from the peg marker (if not possible then to the nearest possible) – Competitors must not cast outside the limits of their swim, such limits to be marked by an imaginary line marking the middle distance between his and his neighbours peg marker. Any disputes as to the competitors fishing outside this area must be reported immediately to the marshals. Marshals have the discretion to request that competitors reposition their rods as and when directed. In very few areas, due to marginal reeds, competitors may be limited to fish straight out toward the lake from the peg marker. In that event, the setting up of rods in the water cannot be any deeper than waist deep.
C03- Competitors must cast/place and bait their own rods, and play, land and unhook their own fish. No assistance from any other person (excluding partner) whatsoever is allowed. Immediate disqualification could result if assistance is obtained.
C04- It is the responsibility of the competitors to ensure that all fish caught are reported as soon as possible to the marshals in their section.
C05- Competitors are required to possess their own carp sacks as, in the event of a multiple capture sacks will be required to hold fish until weighing. Sacks will not be provided by the organisers.
C06- The organisers retain the right to search all competitors’ tackle or vehicles to combat any form of cheating or rule breaking. Anglers found cheating will be reported to the organisers and banned for life from the competition.
C07- Any pair with more than four baited rods in the water at any one time will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
C08- Entering the water is only permitted to thigh depth to allow casting and the landing of fish. Anyone who wades deeper than this could be disqualified from the competition.
C09- Competitors must comply with requests from Official WCC film crews & photographers at all times regarding media coverage, except if they are in the process of landing a fish. Members of the media who are competing will not be awarded media access to other competitors.
C10- Should both competitors wish to leave their swim for any reason whatsoever their rods must be reeled in and their baited hooks removed from the water. Marshals to be notified when leaving the swim and marshals to walk back competitors to their swim upon return.
C11- Anyone found to be encroaching upon others water could be disqualified, any boundary differences must be finalised before the match begins. The Head Marshal’s decision will be final on all boundary disputes. Where a suitable outcome has not been found the Head Marshal will divide the pegs equally with an imaginary line marked between the competitors swims.
C12- Use of drones by anglers is prohibited at anytime from the moment anglers arrive on-site for registration to the moment they leave after prize giving. Outside of these times, anyone wanting to fly a drone must first seek permission with the venue manager.


Should be read in conjunction with local rules
D01- The official start and end of the competition will be signalled by the sounding of horns.
D02- Only Leather, Common, Mirror Carp (CYPRINUS CARPIO) will count in the competition over the weight of 2kg.
D03- Hooked fish should be landed without interfering with other competitor’s lines. If lines become tangled a formal complaint should be made immediately. The officials will make a decision as to whether to allow that fish to count in the final results.
D04- If possible fish must be landed within the defined area of the competitor’s swim. Any transgression of this rule will be considered on its merits.
D05- Fish not hooked by the mouth will be disqualified.
D06- Any fish hooked before the final signal sounds must be landed within 20 minutes of the end of the competition or it will be excluded from the final results.


Competitors after having their first three fish being recorded by an event marshall are allowed to weigh new catches on their own equipment. If they feel the fish is of a greater weight than their three recorded fish, they then need to make a contact with Event Marshals and proceed with normal Catch Record procedure to ensure the fish is officially recorded.
To count:
E01- Fish to be weighed by officials and returned immediately at all times unless otherwise instructed by competition HQ.
E02- Each fish must be witnessed by at least one marshal or by one marshal and one competitor other than, the captor or his partner.
E03- Fish to be weighed exclusively with official equipment held by the marshals or it will be excluded from the results.
E04- Competitors to ensure officials are at all time notified immediately. Carp to be kept individually in carp sacks until weighed by officials. Carp sacks are not supplied by Organisers. It is recommended that each pair has a minimum of 4 carp sacks.
E05- The marshal’s log sheet is the official log of your catches. Details to be filled in it will include: The name of the participant who caught the fish the peg number the time of the catch being weighed the weight of the catch in kg the type of carp an official picture taken by the marshals’ mobile and relayed to HQ immediately – The picture should show the angler with the fish & the catch log card.
E06- Competitors to ensure that all details are correctly entered and that picture has been taken before signing official record sheet.
E07- Only once Official Marshal’s Record Sheet has been dully signed by all parties can the marshal SMS the Official picture and key in catch details in Official WCC Leaderboard App.
E08- Marshal to record on Official log sheet unique fish code given by system. Fish as normal will only be validated upon return of marshal Official Record log sheet.
E09- If a Marshal is not immediately available to record a fish, carp MUST be retained in a carp sack until such a time as a Marshal becomes available. Only once the marshal has been notified that a fish is awaiting to be recorded can the angler replace the rod to the water. Only one carp should be placed in each sack.
E10- As part of the procedure, several other photographs may have to be taken, so please allow Official WCC media crew to carry out their requirements without hindrance. Competitors and onlookers are only then welcome to take their own photos.
Last but not least any acts of deliberate pollution (ie rubbish etc..) of the water or on land – 3-year ban unless fine set by venue is settled.


F01- Participants can only win one prize in the competition – This stipulation does not include the Biggest Fish overall.
F02- The competition placing’s will be determined by the cumulative weight of the 3 biggest carp caught per Pair, with the Pair having the greatest weight being declared the winner. If the result is tied, the Pair catching the biggest fish will be declared the winner – If there is still a tie, the biggest fish (weight) on a count back will be declared the winner. Ultimately if there is still a tie, time of the fish in weight order (heaviest) and on a count back basis.
F03- Prizes will only be given to competitors present at prize giving.
F04- In the unlikely event that no fish are caught during the competition prizes will be drawn for.


Below are Horseshoe rules which must be followed as part or World Carp Classic 2019 England Qualifier

We have highlighted in Red and in Bold the most important rules by which anglers have to abide in addition to competition rules set out by World Carp Classic. In Blue when WCC rules supersede or complements Horseshoe lake rules.


  1. When fishing for Carp you must comply with the following:
    • Line must be a minimum of 15lb breaking strain.
    • No treble hooks or double-hook rigs are allowed.
    • Carp Care or other suitable fish care solutions must be used on ALL hook holds AND abrasions.
    • All fish Landed must be returned to the water soon as possible.
    • Rig checks maybe carried out. No bent hooks, double hook rigs, fixed leads or long shank curved hooks are permitted.
    • Any fish found distressed, diseased or dead should be reported to the Fishery Manager or Marshall
  2. No fish are to be removed from the venue. A lifetime ban and prosecution will result with anyone found doing so.
  3. All fish, irrespective of size and species should be treated with the same respect and Catches of all species should be reported to bailiffs upon request.
  4. The use of sacks for fish retention is prohibited. WCC marshals to be contacted immediately when a fish is being caught.
  5. The use of buoyancy retention slings are allowed, please respect this and only retain the fish for as shorter period as possible, Bailiffs have the right to change this rule as they see fit depending on conditions. (abuse it and you will lose it.)
  6. The use of all lead core, braided mainlines and shock/carp leaders (i.e. where there is any knot above the hook link) on any baited rods is not permitted.
  7. Bait boats are not allowed.
  8. The use of nuts as hook baits or in loose feed are not permitted.
  9. Please do not introduce bait in the lake prior to vacating your swim as this practice may adversely affect anyone fishing the swim after you. Particularly anglers arriving for short, overnight sessions.
  10. Barbless hooks must be used at all times; crushed barbed hooks and the use of long shank hooks are not permitted.
  11. Bailiffs have the right to ask to examine any vehicle on company property, to ensure fish are not being removed, transferred illegally or stolen.
  12. Should you get a fish weeded or snagged please contact a marshall immediately however if you put your rod down and be patient – in most cases the fish will swim free – Never be impatient and please DO NOT PULL FOR A BREAK!
  13. Baited hooks are not to be left out of the water.
  14. No rods to be left unattended with baited rigs in the water at any time.
  15. Zig fishing is allowed but this could be seasonal and change at any time depending on weed conditions (adjustable type zigs only with a minimum 12lbs breaking strain hooklink and a maximum of 4ft in length).
  16. Net dip tanks are in place, please use them if you are fishing other venues.
  17. Unhooking mats must be a minimum of 1.2mx0.8mx40mm. All anglers must be in possession of a DRY landing net of adequate size (at least 90cm arms of Specialist Pan 887 x 65 cm).
  18. Whilst the use of castable fish finders is permitted, use of such is done solely at angler’s risk and own responsibility. Venue is unable to accept responsibility for any loss or breakage of any such devices.


  1. Non-fishing visitors must report to the office or bailiff as well as with competition HQ.
  2. No vehicles may be parked in the road verges outside the fishery. All cars must be parked in the main designated car park.
  3. Toilet facilities are provided and must be used.
  4. No boots or muddy shoes allowed in the shower block, please use appropriate shower footwear and always leave them as you would wish to find them.
  5. No litter will be tolerated. All litter must be taken with you on departure including teabags and cigarette ends (WCC sanction also to apply).
  6. A strict speed limit of 5 mph which must be adhered to on the whole complex.
  7. Dogs must not be brought onto the property


  1. WCC UK qualifier only allows 2 rods per angler.
  2. Remote control boats are not permitted.
  3. Tree climbing is not permitted due to the dangerous nature of many of the trees.
  4. No cutting or tampering of any trees what so ever.
  5. Bivvies must be placed in the swims and not on the grass banks.
  6. Boats are only to be used by bailiffs.
  7. If a boat is needed to free a weeded fish then please ask the duty bailiff or fishery manager who will then organize for one of the officials team to go out and try and free the fish, this may involve in asking the angler to go into the boat with the rod if the bailiff feels that it is necessary (subject to the angler wearing a life jacket). Under no circumstances should a member use a boat without a member of the official team.
  8. Under no circumstances should boats be used after dark.
  9. No wading allowed other than landing and returning the fish in shallow water or swimming.
  10. The only time an angler is permitted to enter the water is at times of low water levels, to ensure the safe landing and return of fish and then only to knee level. you may also do this at knee level for photographing fish.


  1. Permit holders under the influence of alcohol, drugs or solvents will be removed from the venue by the police.
  2. Please be sensible, enjoy your fishing and allow others to do the same. You will lose your Permit if you do not.
  3. Please respect other anglers. If you are unsure of a swims water then please ask.
  4. All gates must be closed immediately after entry or exit. All vehicles must be parked in designated car parks.
  5. Bailiffs are authorised to confiscate the permit of any permit holder who is considered to be endangering their own, or another person’s safety, by being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, solvents, etc., and to remove them from the fishery.
  6. No firearms of any kind are allowed onto the venue, including airguns and crossbows.