Saturday 16th September swim pack up

HQ EMERGENCY PHONE: 0044 7796 108 964 – only to be used in case of a real emergency and preferably by SMS so we have a record 

For assistance coordination email: moc.t1713493593irips1713493593gnilg1713493593na@ni1713493593mda1713493593


  • On a first come first basis – please notify HQ by email at moc.t1713493593irips1713493593gnilg1713493593na@ni1713493593mda1713493593 when ready and or wave boats
Specimen Baits28Miroslav SimaWCC23-088Louis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits29Dariusz LesznarWCC23-003HLouis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits30Nicolae BuligaWCC23-061Louis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits31Alvaro Hernandez DominguezWCC23-053HLouis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits32Daniel PeterWCC23-097Louis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits33Artur ButynskiWCC23-002Louis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits34Michel RotheWCC23-021HLouis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits35Radek ZaviacicWCC23-032Louis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits36Sascha SchwabWCC23-051Louis/MathiasAll done
Specimen Baits37Karel Nikl SrWCC23-007HMichael/JackieAll done
Specimen Baits38Karol OlejnikWCC23-064Michael/JackieAll done
Specimen Baits39Jason WilliamsWCC23-104MichaelAll done
Specimen Baits40Frederic Van RysseghemWCC23-070MichaelAll done
Nikl Carp Specialist41Bryan HoughtonWCC23-084MichaelAll done
Nikl Carp Specialist42Paul SharmanWCC23-001Michael/JackieAll done
Nikl Carp Specialist43Paul BraselWCC23-100Michael/JackieAll done
Nikl Carp Specialist53Maurice van de LooWCC23-015Michael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products54Bartosz RakocyWCC23-075Michael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products55Bruno GaillyWCC23-037Michael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products56Yannick MarijnissenWCC23-102HMichael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products57Leszek RuteckiWCC23-069HMichael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products58Maurizio VassalleWCC23-040Michael/Jackie
The Ultimate Products59Cristian PatrascuWCC23-043Michael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products60Hans SissinghWCC23-008HMichael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products61Mark MetzgerWCC23-068Michael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products62Pawel MetelWCC23-039Michael/JackieAll done
The Ultimate Products63Dirk BooysenWCC23-078Red boat MathiasAll done
The Ultimate Products64Cedric GiaconWCC23-094Red boat MathiasAll done
The Ultimate Products65Tomasz SztabaWCC23-103HRed boat MathiasAll done
The Ultimate Products66Gerwin KempersWCC23-027Red boat MathiasAll done
Meus67David DarnadiWCC23-077Barge AzizAll done
Meus68Marcin GarbarzWCC23-035HBarge AzizAll done
Meus69Ramon Sola SolaWCC23-055Barge AzizAll done
Meus70Benoit NovaisWCC23-074Barge AzizAll done
Meus71Ronnie LuftWCC23-066Barge AzizAll done
Meus72Tomas KultWCC23-019HBarge AzizAll done
Meus73Dmytro PrysiazhniukWCC23-086Barge AzizAll done
Meus74Henrik ArvedsenWCC23-029Barge AzizAll done
Meus75Hendrik BosWCC23-010HBarge AzizAll done
Meus76Manuel KowaltschukWCC23-041Red boat GregAll done
Meus77Charles HorlickWCC23-080Red boat GregAll done
Meus78Radek BisWCC23-085Red boat GregAll done
Meus79Gyula SomogyiWCC23-063Red boat GregAll done
Tribal Shimano80Pieter de BrutoWCC23-059Red boat GregAll done
Tribal Shimano81Thomas MullerWCC23-012Red boat GregAll done
Tribal Shimano82Jaroslaw GulejWCC23-098Red boat GregOwn return planned
Tribal Shimano88Jaroslav RandusWCC23-093JackieAll done
Tribal Shimano89Mark GardnerWCC23-020HJackieAll done
Tribal Shimano90Norbert HrycWCC23-034JackieAll done
Tribal Shimano91Mark BinesWCC23-047JackieAll done
Tribal Shimano92Aivars RudzinskisWCC23-052JackieAll done

Early departure Friday 30th September due to adverse weather

The weather seems fine meaning self-returns will be allowed.

If you want to do so remember to contact HQ on +44 7796 108 964 or by email at moc.t1713493593irips1713493593gnilg1713493593na@ni1713493593mda1713493593.

WCC23 Windguru

Windguru screenshot


  • Competitors either stay in their swim or decide to go. Just movement of gear is not allowed.
  • Anglers can’t leave the swim of their own accord before the fog clears if any.. Anglers are to notify HQ before setting off and upon arrival on the mainland.
  • Assistance will be provided as soon as the fog clears. Please email admin@anglingspirit as soon as you are ready.
  • Upon instruction, go about 400 meters from the bank where you will be met by the tow boat.
Swin/SectionCaptain name Marshal / DepartureSafely arrived
#33 JochymShaun BamfordMichael??
#34 JochymLukasz MurmyloMichaelYES
#35 JochymPaul van LipzigMichaelYES
#37 JochymFranz Weis PiotrYES
#38 Jochym Florian FuchsPiotrYES
#39 JochymMichael SchouPiotrYES
#40 JochymMarcin Mrowinski PiotrYES
#55 Cap RiverSlawomir KotwicaOwn boatYES
#57 Cap RiverBryan HoughtonPiotrYES
#60 Cap RiverMaarten GommersMichaelYES
#61 Cap RiverMario GijbelsMichaelYES
#62 Cap RiverJaroslaw DabrowskiGregYES
#63 Cap RiverRoddie BirdOwn boatYES
#65 Cap RiverLeszek AtamanOwn boatYES
#72 MeusPatrick ToubeauGregYES
#73 MeusJose Manuel GallardoMichaelYES
#74 MeusMarkus de BuigneGregYES
#75 MeusBianca Venema GregYES
#76 MeusHans SissinghGregYES
#77 Meus Martin HrdyGregYES
#78 MeusMark MetzgerGregYES
#79 MeusMiroslav SimaGregYES
#80 ShimanoDavid DarnadiOwn boatYES
#81 ShimanoMarcin KuligGreg YES
#89 ShimanoBernhard KlugOwn boatYES
#90 ShimanoLukasz LechowskiRuss currentlyYES
#06 DynamiteMarek KrawczykBy carYES
#46 Nikl CarpKrzysztof MrozBy carYES
#47 Nikl CarpAleksander SokolowskiBy carYES
#52 Nikl CarpJim BekkerBy carYES
#87 ShimanoCedric GiaconBy carYES
#104 PB ProductsJoel WauthiaBy carYES
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