Bivvy City

From Friday the 23rd of September at 10:00, a special WCC22 Bivvy City will become the weekend hub of World Carp Classic 2022.
Bivy city will be located in the same area we used in 2021. This new location is to be known hence force as Lowrance peninsula and is situated between the Bar de la Plage in Heudicourt and WCC HQ at Madine 3 (the building opposite the sports hall). Follow signage upon arrival – same entrance as before. 

Be mindful of COVID-19 rules when setting up your camp.

Great local sightseeing spots:  Why not take some time to visit the commemorative US monument of la Butte de Montsec which offers a second-to-none view of the lake.

The site also offers on-site chalets and room accommodation.


Registration from Friday the 23rd September 12:00 till Saturday the 24th September 17:00
Registration will run as follow:

1- All Competitors and Helpers to complete on-line their Registration & Disclaimer Form by no later than the 19th of September

2- Remember to bring at registration: a photo ID (ie passport) + your French fishing permit

3- Full inspection of boat and boating equipment will be done on Monday morning prior to the start of the competition. Make sure that you have everything on the list to be able to use your boat on the water.

4- Remember during boat check to also lay out your bait out as this now must be recorded too. Important link regarding Bait Usage Monitoring

Saturday, September 24th – 17:30  WCC welcome meal