Agents packages

Early on, the World Carp Classic implemented a stringent country quota policy to guarantee a diverse representation of nations to ensure a true international dimension to the event.
So since 2003, the World Carp Classic has provided hundreds of anglers with the opportunity to earn their entry into the main event via a qualifying stage, facilitated by a network of agents.

Qualifier package entails:

Agent logo presence on:
– Event banner
– Onsite branding provided by the agent and location to be defined
– Event documents where relevant
– Website presence where and when relevant
– Social media posts to be provided by the agent in relation to launch/event/results

QUALIFIER PACKAGE£3,250£3,750£4,500
TerritoryNon exclusiveNon exclusiveExclusivity
Number of entry ticket111
One entry nomination✘[R]✘[R]✔[G]
Ad Rotate campain on Official list page7 days15 days
Entry for 2 anglers✔[G]✔[G]✔[G]
Extra 3rd angler - £750 - to be paid by anglers or agent✔[G]✔[G]✔[G]
Extra Team Entry - £500 - to be paid by anglers or agent✔[G]✔[G]Complimentary agent team name
Extra Sponsor link - £300 - to be paid by anglers or agentComplimentary agent extra otherwiseComplimentary agent extra otherwiseComplimentary agent extra otherwise


Each agent has now the opportunity to enhance their package by gaining the rights to sell World Carp Classic memorabilia and merchandising items in their territory.

If you are interested please complete this form which will be the base upon which an agreement will be formed.

Should you wish to proceed ahead and become an agent of the World Carp Classic we invite you to read carefully the enclosed Agency contract template and fill the Agent information form which will enable us to finalise your contract.