WCC 2019 Registration Information

For its 21st edition, World Carp Classic remains at its birthplace the magical record-breaking Lac de Madine in France


  • Anglers to be 14 years of age minimum if accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • No one under the age of 18 at the start of the event is allowed in boats
  • All anglers and helpers to be insured as per event requirements
  • All competitors and Helpers will be required to sign the on-site registration form which includes a disclaimer to confirm acceptance and understanding of the full and final event rules and terms & conditions.



  • Early Entry Fee: £1295 per Pair & £1695 per Trio if the basic entry fee is paid in full by 30/11/2018
  • Normal Entry Fee: £1320 per Pair & 1720 per Trio when basic entry fee is paid in full between 01/12/2018 until 28/02/2019
  • Late Entry Fee: £1350 per Pair & £1750 per Trio for any basic entry fee payments received post 01/03/2019
  • Team Entry to represent country or group: £300 (£150 per pair x 2) – Click here for full Team Event information
  • Team Entry to represent a sponsor: £500 (£250 per pair x 2)
  • Helper: £100 – Only allowed to bivvy up on the bank with their party. Please see full rules.
  • Sponsor Link package: £200 – Click here to see list of benefits 


Between the 14th October 12 noon and 30th November 23:59 we have created a country representation priority registration period to ensure the event remains available to all to enter. All details regarding this period is explained here.


During the same period, priority will be given to anglers that competed in 2018, 2017 & 2016 events – all they need to do is send a non-refundable £495 deposit and pay the balance as per schedule.

All new anglers welcome against full payment of entry upon registration.

Priority entry period to end on 30th November 2018 23:59.

From 1st December places available on a first come first basis against payment of the non-refundable deposit – balance payment to be completed as per schedule.


14/10/18 12:00-noon PRIORITY REGISTRATION subject to country representation rules
2018 participants 
are being given a two-day headstart on registration and can secure their entry against payment of a non-refundable deposit of £495. Payment schedule applies.

16/10/18 12:00-noon REGISTRATION OPENS TO ALL subject to country representation rules
Registration opens to New Participants which must pay in full the early basic entry fee of £1295 to secure their place – any extras including 3rd angler can be on or before 30th August 2019.

Remaining places are available on a first come first basis – Payment of a deposit available to both past and new participants – payment schedule applies.

30/11/2018 23:59 END OF EARLY BASIC ENTRY FEE period
Applies to all past and new participants – any balance on basic entry fee not paid in full by 31/11/2018 will incur a £25 charge in line with the start of the normal basic entry fee charge

28/02/2019 23:59 END OF NORMAL BASIC ENTRY FEE period
Applies to all past and new participants – any balance on basic entry fee not paid in full by 28/02/2019 will incur a £30 charge in line with the start of the late entry fee charge

30/03/2019 23:59 END OF SECURED ENTRY
Any entry not Approved by the payment of the full entry fee as per schedule by the 30/03/2019 may be re-allocated without further notice to another participant meeting registration requirements.

31/08/2019 Deadline for extras
Extras such as 3rd angler, Helper, Team entry, Sponsor Link can be booked and paid for at any time until that date. Please note, information will only be published on Official List on website & Official magazine only if payment for the extra has been received in full.

Past the 01/09/2019 any monies outstanding above the amount of £75 unless agreed will incur a 10% surcharge to cover late admin fees.

Cash payment above the amount of £75 made during on-site registration will incur a further 5% service charge to cover bank charges & handling.


Step 1:

Register using our on-line facility   WCC19 Online Registration 

Participants from Australasia, Belgium, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Spain and Sweden please make contact with our agents as they will be able to provide you with assistance in your own language and as well as providing you with qualifier details. All registrations outside qualifiers must be placed using the online system

Step 2:

Proceed with the payment of full entry fee or deposit/ installments by Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.
Any service charge levied by Banks, Paypal, and any Credit Card facility will be passed on to participants to comply with Terms & Conditions which requires that entry fees are being received by us in full clear funds.

Step 3:

Upon reception of payment, you will receive a confirmation email from World Carp Classic 2019 and your details will be added to the World Carp Classic 2019 Official Participants list with the mention “Approved” or “Confirmed”.
Places are “approved” against full payment of the non-refundable deposit (only available to past participants) and finally, are “confirmed” only when full basic pair entry is paid in full.
Any extras including 3rd Angler, Helper, Sponsor Link package and entry in the Team event can be booked at any time but are only confirmed upon their full payment.