Qualifier – Spain


Spanish Qualifying event round up – fishing fast and furios!

The event organised by Team CARPdiem Spain, Andy Mcgregor, Angel Bonal y Fran Granados took place from the 18-20th of May. A total of 24 pairs participated in the qualifying  event with teams traveling hundreds of miles from all over the  the Spanish peninsular to compete.

The big fish came fast

After three hours of the event starting, a total of four fish had been caught including a cracking wild common carp of 21,800kg caught by Oscar Viñas and Jorge Serrano Menendez from Madrid. This fish was caught from the Dynamite Section of the lake, peg 8. Jorge Sacristan and Raul Gonzalez also from Madrid caught the first fish fast landing a stunning 19,200 kg common carp signalling that this was going to be an incredible event.

Storms and sunshine

The weather for this time of the year was incredibly mixed, competitors had just a few hours to get their bivvys setup before a torrential storm swept in. The rain was hard, but it did not dampen spirits as alarms were sounding all around the lake, it was clear the fish were active with many male carp visible to the eye in the margins.  

On the first night

More carp were brought to landing nets, the Nutrabaits section peg 21, comprised of a young Team Saul Santos and Sergio Perez, they landed four common carp the best three where 7,500, 15,600 16,000 from. In the same sector in peg no 20  team Juan Jose and Jorge Camino  also managed to land a stunning 13,000kg common.

Impressive Start

The lake is known to be difficult and from early on, no-one could clearly spot a feeding time for the fish, as different sections produced day and night, there was no clear pattern. During the first 24hr. twelve fish were captured, emotions where high and you never knew what was going to happen next!

Fishing started to calm

After the explosive start the second night and day was much calmer, some fish were hooked but escaped and only one more common carp  made it onto the unhooking mat. This was the second fish caught from peg 20 in the Nutrabaits section. More storms came and went, as did the sunshine but at the end of the day there could only be one winning team.

How did it end?

After the explosive start with 13 fish being caught with an average weight of 15kg, the team from Madrid Oscar Viñas y Jorge Serrano Menendez snatched the final with a total weight of 45,100kg. Oscar said “ he couldn’t believe it, it´s like a dream, one of the best days of his life”, the pair will goto Lac Madine in France and fish the final in September 2018 with other competitors from around the world.



Oscar Viñas Rojas & Jorge Serrano Menendez


Peg Dynamite Baits no. 8

Section Shimano

Jorge Sacristan & Raul Gonzalez


Peg Shimano no. 28

Section Nutrabaits

Sergio Perez Carvajal & Saul Santos Toledano


Peg Nutrabaits no. 21

Biggest Fish

Juan Jose Blazquez Gil – Jorge Camino Diez & Arantxa Melo Mateos


Nutrabaits 20

Best photo during event

Miguel Vermejo