Official 2019 Participants list

   1998 – XXI – 2019


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Country Priority Quota

COUNTRY QUOTA IN RED show they have reached their current limit
Remaining places will be made available for all to enter on 1st December 2018

…………………………… Austria Belgium England France carp flagFrance Germany Italy Netherlands Poland S.Africa Spain
 4/6 6/6 15/15 5/10 5/8 2/2 8/10 12/12 6/6 2/2



Ref/Bio Photo Captain Photo Vice Captain Photo 3rd Angler Sponsor Team Name Country STATUS
WCC19-oo1 Marius Koekemoer
Defending Champion
Jacques Niehaus
Defending Champion
Thomas Thibaud
Defending Champion
WCC19-002 Paul Sharman Paul Butler England Approved
WCC19-003 Gary Fordham Steven Fordham England CONFIRMED
WCC19-004 Krzysztof Mroz Leszek Rutecki Poland Approved
WCC19-005 Jon Scoffield Tom Mckeown ME England Approved
WCC19-006h Jacek Wojciuch Jaroslaw Gulej Robert Budzinski Poland Approved
WCC19-007 Juantxu Arias Robledo Iban Villarroya Dominguez Spain Approved
WCC19-008 David Mark Pendegrass John Stembridge Carp Couture Carp Couture England Approved
WCC19-009 Robert Saunders England Approved
WCC19-010 Brian Byford Jack Lamb England Approved
WCC19-011 Thomas Muller
Champion 2011
Stephen Freeland Germany CONFIRMED
WCC19-012 Keith Turner
Champion 2005
England Approved
WCC19-013 Alvaro Hernandez Dominguez Spain Approved
WCC19-014 Jacob Bakker Jan van den Berg Netherlands CONFIRMED
WCC19-015  Thierry Podevijn Ronny Geens ML Belgium Approved
WCC19-016 Hans Sissingh
Champion 2015
Mattie Curfs
Champion 2015
WCC19-017 Stephen Payton England Approved
WCC19-018 Darren Hilton Sam Causer Carp Couture Carp Couture England Approved
WCC19-019 Aleksei Tretiakov Evgeny Kiselev Russia CONFIRMED
WCC19-020 Lucian Mocan Roumania Approved
WCC19-021 Julien Kehlert Jonathan  Rothe Michel Rothe France Approved
WCC19-022 Marcin Mizera Ryszard Mizera Poland Approved
WCC19-023 Frederic Van Rysseghem Christian Gilbart Laurent Mortellet Hainaut Peche Belgium Approved
WCC19-024 Martin Sterckx Belgium CONFIRMED
WCC19-025 Henryk Kolender Wojciech Kedzierski Tomasz Krupa Poland CONFIRMED
WCC19-026 Patrick Paier Stefan Darnhofer Dominik Kreiner Austria CONFIRMED
WCC19-027 Maarten Gommers Daan Uijen Netherlands CONFIRMED
WCC19-028 Richard Van Leeuwen Netherlands Approved
WCC19-029 Pia Petsch Jochen Petsch Germany Approved
WCC19-030 Frantisek Slingr Radek Bis Czech Rep Approved
WCC19-031 Joel Wauthia Frederic Laroche Belgium Approved
WCC19-032 Arkadiusz Kozaryn Sebastian Tuszynski Poland Approved
WCC19-033 Brian Charles Raats Dennis Ludwig Netherlands Approved
WCC19-034 Kirstin Wiley Chris Wilson England Approved
WCC19-035 Sam Prue England CONFIRMED
WCC19-036 Anthony Nell Francois Sinden S.Africa CONFIRMED
WCC19-037 Christian Meller Friedrich Mahler Germany CONFIRMED
WCC19-038 Tanya Horlick S.Africa CONFIRMED
WCC19-039 Markus de Buigne Austria Approved
WCC19-040 Graham De Wavrin S.Africa CONFIRMED
WCC19-041 Thomas Wright England Approved
WCC19-042 Pieter De Bruto S.Africa CONFIRMED
WCC19-043H Leszek Ataman Marcin Garbarz Lech Luczkowski Poland CONFIRMED
WCC19-044 Gyula Somogyi Hungary CONFIRMED
WCC19-045 Arno Potgieter S.Africa CONFIRMED
WCC19-046 Kai Pommeranz Dirk Schuhmacher Germany Approved
WCC19-047 Manuel Li Greci Giancarlo Binatti The Game Italy CONFIRMED
WCC19-048 Bryan Houghton England Approved
WCC19-049 Bostjan Bercon Kristjan Cic Slovenia CONFIRMED
WCC19-050 Krzysztof Charmuszko
Champion 2014
Andrzej Walczak
Champion 2014
Poland Approved
WCC19-051 Wesley Van Laere Bart Rombouts Belgium CONFIRMED
WCC19-052 Lionel Braun France Approved
WCC19-053 Tim Swain Andy Swain Rob Tough
Champion 2009
England Approved
WCC19-054 Stefan Eisenberger  Austria Approved
WCC19-055 Mike Franklin Ian Russell England CONFIRMED
WCC19-056 Jasper Giles England Approved
WCC19-057 Damian Procek Wojciech Janoszek Poland Approved
WCC19-058 Jonathan Oehler Lungu Monaco Approved
WCC19-059 Tom Mertens Belgium Approved
WCC19-060 Giuseppe Lunadei Attilio Bassi Italy CONFIRMED
WCC19-061 Koos Megens Dimitri Fannes Netherlands Approved
WCC19-062 Stefan Pschierer Paul Pschierer Germany CONFIRMED
WCC19-063 Deanen Pearce S.Africa CONFIRMED
WCC19-064 Karel Nikl
Champion 2016
Jan Dadak
Champion 2016
Jakub Kumsta
Champion 2016
NIKL & Carp´R´Us Czech Rep Approved
WCC19-065 Karel Nikl Junior Martin Hrdy Erik Voltemar NIKL & Carp´R´Us Czech Rep Approved
WCC19-066 Riccardo Battisti Daniele Italy CONFIRMED
WCC19-067 Pavlo Matviienko Denys Fylyppov Iurii Usyk Ukraine CONFIRMED
WCC19-068 Lee Jackson
Champion 2017
Daren Venables JL England Approved
WCC19-069 Jean Philippe Prajsnar Christian Bel France Approved
WCC19-070 Mariusz Niedzwiecki Dariusz Lesznar Poland Approved
WCC19-071 Sint Brouwer Ronald Brink Netherlands CONFIRMED
WCC19-072 Patryk Karwot Bartosz Celny Poland CONFIRMED
WCC19-073 Jasmine Schuster Rene Jauker Austria Approved
WCC19-074 Slawomir Wasilik Dariusz Kulczyk Poland Approved
WCC19-075 Karol Olejnik Grzegorz Turowski JD Poland Approved
WCC19-076 Jacek Hoyer Poland CONFIRMED
WCC19-077 Patrick Saliermo Robin Perthuis France CONFIRMED
WCC19-078 Ron vd Berg Luxembourg Pending
WCC19-079 Pencho Zlatev Bulgaria Pending
WCC19-080 Raymond Friley Richard Keller France CONFIRMED
WCC19-081 Benjamin Drenth TBA Netherlands CONFIRMED
WCC19-0 Richard Jones Wales Pending
WCC19-0 KM Poland Pending
WCC19-090 Dieter Smulders Michael Smulders Nick Dilissen Qualifier Belgium Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-091 Peter Machiels Jakob Schulpen Qualifier Belgium Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-092 Laurence Wagemans Ken Vangheel Qualifier Belgium Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-093 May/June 19 UK Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-094 Netherlands Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-095 Canada Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-096 Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-097 Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-098 Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-099 Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-100 Reserved Qualifiers
WCC19-101 Reserved
WCC19-102 Reserved
WCC19-103 Reserved
WCC19-104 Reserved
WCC19-105 Reserved
WCC19-106 Reserved