New this year

Logo-WCCXX-webWe strive each year to better the event and we listen to your comments so given the many seals of approval already received we believe that you too will welcome the following changes:

Announcement relating to the 20th anniversary will be made available in very near future





1- Minimum weight: 4kg

2- 300 meters limit
For the first time ever Lac de Madine has agreed to a 300 meter allowance. Black Cat buoys will be placed. Any infringement will be sanctioned.

3- Reminder: Friends Of litter penalty
 N06-Friends Of & Host venue Litter Rule is now slightly changed following discussion with host venues. At their discretion a fine will be issued and sent to competitors who will have 28 days from date being sent to pay it or to comply with its community service alternative. If no payment/community service is made to the venue by that time, World Carp Classic will then apply a name & shame ban remaining in place until the fine has been paid or community service done. 

4- Early boat check
Beat Monday stress – have your boat check done over the Registration weekend
Early boat check: SATURDAY  & SUNDAY 11 am – 15 pm
Normal boat check: MONDAY 10 am – 13 pm