WCC19 Official Map

This page will provide an idea of peg locations. Competition pegging will be done closer to the time to ensure that the best pegs are used taking into account weather conditions and weed in the lake. This map will already give you all important event locations and links when appropriate. Swims information will be updated from August 2019
Highlighted on the map are:

in BLUE all main venues & locations which will be used during the World Carp Classic 2019

in RED all local villages/cities with a link to facilities & opening hours

There is a full-screen view button on the top right-hand side of the screen and you can zoom in and out of the map for a more detailed view.

2019 Map
The official 2019 peg map will be released closer to the event to ensure that the very best locations are used.  For 2019 there will be approximately 106 pegs.

WCC18-Official event map