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LEADERBOARD will be showing live from Wednesday 25th May 2016 14:00 local time

Leaderboard setup in its “Unconfirmed” format so we invite you to read the following carefully


Why can I see only three fish?
World Carp Classic were the first in 2015 to introduce a new competition format by which only the biggest 3 fish per peg counts even if more fish are caught. This new format has proven to be a hit with all involved that we expect to be copied soon!!

Are the fish showing in a specific order on the leaderboard?
Yes they are by weight. So you will always see the heaviest fish in the 1st position irrespective of the day and time it was caught.

Why can I see a fish in the Catch Report but not yet on the leaderboard?
This is because the Results Desk has not yet Approved the fish

How long does it take to Approve a fish?
We will be getting regular copies of the Marshals Catch Sheet per section so we aim to constantly be able to up-dated the leaderboard. It all depends on the venue and the action!!.

Is there any exceptions?
Yes if the fish is a new Lake or Event record it will jump the queue and we will aim to Approve it almost in real time.

Where does the fish come first onto the system?
All information comes first in the Catch Report list which is at the bottom of the leaderboard page. This is where you can see in time order all catches.

What is the difference between Approved and Confirmed?
Approved means that the fish is being checked against a copy of the Marshals Official Sheet – Confirmed means the catch has yet again been re-checked against the original copy of the Marshals Officials Sheet.

How can I see if a fish has been Approved?
The Peg and Date cell in the Catch Report shows in “WHITE” and only then is the fish added to the Overall leaderboard. YELLOW = fish not yet Approved
An Approved fish can always be removed from the leaderboard until it is being Confirmed.

How can I see if the fish has been Confirmed?
You can see if the fish has been Confirmed if the original Marshals Catch Sheet had been logged in the table below. We are getting the original documents once a day from 17:00 pm so fish should all be confirmed by 21:00 pm.

Can a confirmed fish be removed?
Yes organisers have the right to remove a Confirmed fish if reason and justification is given. Before this happens a thorough investigation will take place.

What happens if there is no Internet connection for the App to sync?
The system is build up to store all information. We have procedures in place to retrieve information as often as possible as and when the situation occurs.

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Pictures on Catch Report and Leaderboard
Official picture of each fish is available as soon as the catch is logged to the Catch Report by the App and then to the leaderboard once confirmed. Link to Official Picture is set on the fish weight.

ID showing in blue in Catch Report
This means we have been able to find a link from Competitors on Social Media. Competitors and Sponsors are welcome to contact Event Media Desk and provide link!! (Media Desk Number will be available on Homepage).

Pictures on Instagram #WCC16
We are asking competitors to take their own pictures for their record and to post them to their Instagram hashtagged #WCC16. So you can search for them or visit our website homepage which will display the 20 latest pictures in the #WCC16 window but you will also be able to go to #WCC16 Full Story board and see all pictures with the story behind it (when available) right from the cleaning of the swims.
We have linked Instagram on our Facebook page too.

Not yet on Instagram?
You do not need to be on Instagram to see the pictures but you need to have created a free account to be able to “Like” and “Comment” pictures. No better way to show your support to anglers.
Follow those links to create an Instagram account: EnglishFrench

Each Approved catch will automatically be tweeted. So follow us @WCCuk. For your convenience we will also post latest tweets on website Homepage and on Facebook page.

Commentary tweets in English, French, Dutch & German
In turns and depending on availability at Results Desk, the event will be additionally commented in at least four languages.

Off course we will up-date several times a day our Facebook page with the most relevant stories and always with the daily Official Videos. If you want to make sure you see each and every posts remember to not only Like our Page but also to click on Notifications. Click here to see the How To

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What is World Carp Classic Junior 2016 minimum weight?
No minimum weight has been set up for this competition.

Can anglers weigh their own fish?
Yes but only if their first three catches have been recorded by Marshals.
Yes if a marshal can witness the fish being returned safely to water and swim off.

Official picture to show fish on its left flank?
Official photo to show fish head held in competitors RIGHT HAND.
If the wrong picture has been up-loaded we will ask Marshals and anglers to supply a correct one. If not available sadly the fish will not count.
We urge competitors to take as many pictures as possible for their own record and just in case.
This is new an important to minimise as much as possible chance of cheating. We have been using this in a sister event in predator fishing for two years with great success.
Click here to see examples of good and bad pictures

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